About Us

Mobivance group  is a world – class  tech-company strategically positioned in Yemen that has for the past 10 years been operating  through a well- functioning network that professionally works together producing the most epic services impressively and satisfyingly  to the public most recent needs and desires.

The group's network is diversified and is connected at the same time. There is a content management company that provides and supports the another one  with content and information that is related and connected to the people with a chat, news, religion , sports.... etc value added services., where there is a part of the network the works on doing all the necessary research and development ( RND) to scientifically study and analyze the clients most satisfying  needs and then technically from the side of the technical part smoothen the while process of delivering cutting edge services. Finally, comes a well-trained communication company that is part of the group to present each part of the network with the most adequate image creating a branding that is decently printed in the minds of the public.

Mobivance doesn't only work with VAS services it is also the one and only  that provides tracking systems in Yemen for both people and vehicles.


The group has a keen distinct presence in  many countries in the MENA region that works with the most well-known operators in each country such as  MTN , Sabafon, Y , Zain , STC, Mobily, Orange , Umniah, Du , Etisalat , Jawwal Palestine , FriendySA, INWI, Meditel , MarcoTelecom and Chingquitel, Mauritel .  Mobivance  works in Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Mauritania, Iraq , Kuwait, Palestine, KSA, Morocco UAE AND Lebanon.

Mobivance has long term strategies expanding its footprint to many parts of the world.

The Group's focus remains on delivering revenue growth and enhanced efficiencies, securing competitive, sustainable margins while retaining our "social licence to operate". We believe that we are well equipped to achieve our key objectives and to meet the future challenges through our investment into sustainable infrastructure.



our vision is to be the leading and most expert techno-park globally



constantly   flourishing to sustain a perpetual position among the top VAS companies in the MENA region  through the delivery of consistent, sustainable profit growth which will be achieved by

  • Being innovative in everything we do
  • Continuous and consistent development, and optimization of customer and supplier relationships, sound levels of customer service, values, ethics and business principles
  • The on-going development of our employees
  • The continuous enhancement of management and leadership skills
  • Remaining conscious of and committed to sustainable business practices